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"Gioiellini" (pronounced gio-ye-llee-ne) means "little jewels" in Italian. I'm Italian, born and raised, that's why I called my shop "Gioiellini Designs".

I was lucky to grow up surrounded by beautiful architecture and art. That's why I'm inspired mostly by geometric shapes and symmetrical lines. I'm drawn to simple, sleek structures, tiny details and the occasional sparkle. I believe that less is more. As the great Leonardo da Vinci once said "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication". That is why my pieces are minimalist in nature, sleek and dainty, yet unique. I appreciate the classic and timeless patterns of Art-Deco style and I like to mix shapes that are complementary to each other.

I work mostly with yellow and rose gold, as well as sterling silver. Most of my pieces are laser cut, therefore very light, almost weightless. I believe in creating pieces that are contemporary in nature, yet versatile enough to satisfy everyone's taste, using materials that are delicate and durable at the same time.

All my pieces are created in my home studio, in Seattle, WA. If you would like to see your favorite piece in person and try it on, check out my Events section to find out what local craft shows I'll be taking part in.

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